Custom guitar tab or solo starting at 35 euro.

I offer a layered price list, depending on the level of difficulty posed by the music you would like me to work on. Simply put:

  • Easy – €50
  • Moderate – €75
  • Complex– €95
  • Optional: instructional video with walkthrough. This will save you a lot of time. €30,-

Just submit a song, youtube link or mp3 by e-mail. I will reply with my proposed fee based on the level of difficulty and containing any optional that might make your life even easier.

Only after you are satisfied and we have agreed on the proposed fee, I will start transcribing the music in TAB and/or Standard Notation and will send it to you by email.

Time limited offer: Your first TAB (up to 3 pages of tablature) regardless of difficulty for 35 euro.

Contact me and make sure to mention this offer!

TAB or Solo request form