“A few months ago I was looking for a transcriber for guitar tab. I happened upon a listing for MyCustomGuitarTab.com on the internet and made contact with Huub Van Pinxteren. What a great find. Huub has prepared several commissioned tabs for me and I could not be more pleased with the accuracy of the tabs and the ease of ordering. I am a combination aural and sight learner and his tabs of video performances have really improved my guitar playing in a short while. I have really benefitted from using the tabs to tunes that I specifically want to play. It can be a bit daunting to choose a transcriber over the internet and I have had some not so good experiences. But, Huub is the real deal. Without reservation I recommend his services. By the way, his rates are also very reasonable and I fully intend to send many more requests of my own to him in the near future.”

“A Great Service: I knew Huub van Pinxteren was a talented and experienced musician from his contributions to ForoFlamenco.com. Thus, I was thrilled to learn about his newly launched music-transcription services. In fact, as a passionate but self-taught guitarist, I often struggle with transcribing my own music accurately or with learning a piece entirely by ear.  Frustrated by the many subtle nuances in notation or rhythm that eluded me, I was giving up on my futile attempts to learn new songs or memorialize my original ideas. Huub remedied my problem brilliantly. He proved -as I surmised- to be kind, swift, diligent and impeccably accurate. Money well spent for a service that helped rekindle my waning passion for the ever so challenging but addictive flamenco guitar. Thank you, Huub!”

“Incredibly accurate, and quick service. Huub, is a pleasure to deal with and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.”

“Sometimes you just can’t figure something out or need a 2nd pair of ears. Huub worked fast and delivered a high quality tab for an unusual fingerstyle piece. Thanks !”

“just a quick note to thank you for the excellent transcription provided. It was clear and well presented and seems very accurate. I need to sort out a few of the fingering options but that is me, not the transcription. Am currently going through my “wish list” and will be sending over more songs and solos for you to transcribe for me.”

“I have had huub Make me several songs they’re all outstanding.
You can’t get better quality made music the guys an expert at enhancing anything… Look at huubs version of (ADAGIO FOR STRINGS).  That’s off the charts.  That’s amazing it’s on YouTube listen to it..
(THE DARK NIGHT) from the soundtrack it’s amazing it’s better than amazing It sounds  excellent on acoustic guitar…
He’s definitely worth more money than he’s asking,  I’ve paid a lot of people for a lot of variety music.  I get my best music from huub.
I’v asked Huub to make a song better then the original in his own thoughts and it always comes back really cool ….
I’ll just say make me music that’s sad and emotional for my acoustic guitar.
And he always sends back something that’s outstanding and original….
When I want something outstanding I email Huub simple as that.”
You should try it!!

“Huub is the only professional transcriber I have sought the services of but I couldn’t have been more delighted with his work. For what seemed to be modest fees he has accurately transcribed a series of complex guitar pieces for me and, where I have asked him to, also provided videos explaining particular guitar techniques within the transcriptions. I can highly recommend him and his services.”

Huub is quick, accurate and when needed creative.
Try it out and you will see you don’t need anybody else.
Huub did an amazing job transcribing a complicated piece on a baritone 12 string (!).
Accurate transcription and competitive fees- I highly recommend working with him.”